WVVF logo 2017
World Vovinam Federation (WVVF) was founded on September 25, 2008 during the Foundation Congress held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, being representatives from 23 countries worldwide, according to the approval of the Government of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam Olympic Committee and Vietnam Vovinam Federation.In this moment, Vovinam is practiced over all continents and regions in the world. WVVF has, like members, Vovinam organizations from more than 50 countries all around the world.EVVF is implementing its activities according with the rules of WVVF and is collaborating tight with WVVF (and also the other continental federations) to sustain the Vovinam development.

WVVF Congress Term 2, 2017-2022

WVVF Annual Meeting, 2012

WVVF Foundation Congress, 2008