From 22nd to 25th May 2015, in Corsier, a little beautiful village of Switzerland took place the 2nd EVVF Seminar, with the participation of more than 100 masters and instructors coming from 11 countries (10 European countries and Algeria). The schedule was tight and intensive with different seminars aiming at unifying techniques, improving fighting skills, preparing referees for the Junior Championship 2015, and commemorating Founder Master Nguyen Loc. Also took place a grading exam for high belts and the EVVF Ordinary Congress.

Master Vittorio Cera and Master Le Huu Nghia, of the EVVF Technical Commission taught the technical seminars, while Master Mircea Boldea (7 Dan in Kick Box and Karate, Senior Instructor in Muay Thai, 4 Dan in Ju Jitsu and professor in physical education) taught the fighting seminars. Master Le Huu Dai and Instructor Siarhei Sharenda from the Referee Commission took charge of the referee courses.

The event started at 13h on Friday the 22nd with the Ordinary Congress, during which elections took place to elect the new President and Executive Committee of the EVVF, to finish the mandate of 2013-2016 for which the late Master Gabriel Ionut Nechita was elected as President. After 4 hours of congress, the only candidate for the Presidency, Master Dietmar Thom, also President of German Vovinam Federation, was elected as the new EVVF President for a period of one year (More details about all the positions of the EVVF Executive Committee and Commissions are available on the Leadership section of the website). In the evening of the same day, two candidates from Belgium and from Spain successfully passed their grading exams to Hoang Dai Tam Cap (Tri Dinh Debouny – Belgium) and to Chuan Hong Dai (Gerardo Ramon Gutierrez Dorta – Spain) under the Examination Committee established by the Vovinam’s Master Council and WVVF: Master Tran Dai Chieu (head of the committee), Master Vittorio Cera and Master Le Huu Nghia.

On Saturday the 23rd, the technical seminar started at 9 o’clock and during 3 hours, participants revised and worked on Song Dao Phap and Tu Tuong Con Phap, under the instruction of Master Le Huu Nghia and Master Vittorio Cera. After the lunch break, Master Le Huu Dai (Head of Referee Commission) lead the referee course.
Later in the afernoon, the commemoration of Founder Master Nguyen Loc was held solemnly. All the participants were invited to ignite incense sticks at the altar. Master Tran Dai Chieu represented the EVVF Council of Masters, gave a speech as well as read the results of the grading exam. The newly promoted instructor and master were awarded their new belt. Then followed a little break before the first fighting session taught by Master Mircea Boldea. It was a rather intense training: full contact fighting using Vovinam techniques. Saturday ended with Master Vittorio Cera and Master Le Huu Nghia teaching Song Luyen Kiem.

On Sunday the 24th, the training started with 2h30 of fighting techniques. Another referee course then followed, focusing on revising the Nhap Mon Quyen and Thap Tu Quyen, in order to prepare for the upcoming Children and Junior Championship. The afternoon training ended with a Phan Don seminar, where Master Vittorio Cera presented several different ways to practise and perfect counter attacks, with a focus on efficiency and fight. To finish the day, a 3rd fighting session was led by Master Mircea Boldea, assisted by his student Daniel Oprea. Over the 3 fighting seminars, they covered a lot of the basics (warm up specific for fight and to decrease fear and apprehension, guard, dodges and positioning work, hand work and kicks, as well as incorporating Vovinam special techniques such as Don Chan 3 and 10 efficiently). The 2nd EVVF Seminar closed in the morning of Monday 25th, after 2 more hours dedicated to a last referee seminar, lead by the experienced international referees Le Huu Dai and Siarhei Sharenda. They focused on practising central referee gestures and signalling.

Certificates were awarded to participants. A farewell party was organized by the Swiss Vovinam Federation during which all participants got the occasion to taste ‘Raclette’ (melt hot cheese), one of Swizerland’s specialty. The party was a lot of fun, culminating with a traditional series of Don Chan executed impromptu by all the delegations. Once again, some great Vovinam time spent together with lots of memories to bring back home.

Thanks to the EVVF, the Swiss Vovinam Federation and all the participants for such a successful event. See you all again in 2016.

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