Vovinam Activity of EVVF Members 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic continued to challenge us in 2021. The intensity of the waves was not the same everywhere, neither the response of authorities. Consequently, the severity of the restrictions and their impact on our activities were different, depending on the countries/regions situation. This made the coordination difficult at the European level. The scheduled tournaments and seminars were postponed or suspended. The most disruptive was the suspension of regular training activities, that affected almost all countries. Despite the hard situation, our members have been trying their best to adapt, restart training and organize events, in order to keep our beloved martial art on. In December 5th, an online EVVF Executive Committee meeting took place. We see many grading examination sessions (in Belarus, Belgium, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland), efforts to promote our Vovinam school through different demonstrations and interviews (in Belarus, Spain), seminars (in Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland) and even regional and national championships (Belarus, France, Italy, Russia). As the new year started the situation looks already better. The 31st SEA Games will be held in Hanoi – Vietnam in May 2022, having Vovinam as an official sport. This makes for a great start of our international events. We will try to have an European EVVF Championship towards the end of the year. There will be at least a seminar for Masters and Advanced Instructors in Italy. The Ordinary Congress and Elections are scheduled for this summer in Paris.There are even plans for an activity of the Technical Commission in Turkey.